The Czech Philharmonic Choir of Brno has triumphed in a strong international competition vying for the prestigious 2007 German ECHO CLASSIC Prizes. Out of three thousand recordings considered, the Choir carried away the title of ‘2007 Ensemble of the Year’ for its recording of Anton Bruckner’s Sacred Motets. Also the recording of Franz Liszt’s oratorio Christus, which the Choir has made in cooperation with the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn, has been distinguished as the ‘2007 Recording of the Year’.
Since 1992, the ECHO Classic prizes have been awarded by the Deutsche Phono-Akademie, an institute of the German recording industry, whose jury consists of various representatives from the world of culture, the media and the ZDF music desk, in addition to selected members of the Phono-Akademie.
In 2007 prizes in a total of 21 categories were awarded, and the winners included the likes of Mariss Jansons, Anna Netrebko, or the Berliner Philharmoniker. The Czech Philharmonic Choir of Brno thus found itself in company with some truly world-class celebrities. The results were publicly announced on October 21, 2007 during a festive gala night broadcasted by the German ZDF television from the Gasteig, home of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra. The Czech Philharmonic Choir of Brno received its prizes from representatives of the Deutsche Phono-Akademie during its concert on November 22, 2007 in the Brno Besední dům concert hall, in the presence of the highest representatives of the City of Brno, as well as the Region of Southern Moravia.

More Classical Music with a Better Sound

The choir from Brno is superb and with the aid of the ‘Surround’ technology listening to its CDs becomes a unique experience even in your own home. The 2007 SURROUND RECORDING OF THE YEAR: Roman Kofman, Conductor; the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn; the Czech Philharmonic Choir of Brno, Petr Fiala, Choir Master; Christus, Franz Liszt. The 2007 VOCAL ENSEMBLE OF THE YEAR: the Czech Philharmonic Choir of Brno, Petr Fiala, Choir Master; Motets (Anton Bruckner).
The MDG label has now become a stronghold of Surround-technology recordings and home of the best experts on first-class sound. The Czech Philharmonic Choir of Brno belongs nowadays to the most prominent and highest-quality vocal ensembles, as evidenced by the prestigious prizes it has been awarded. The fact that listeners now can enjoy it in the Surround system makes it yet more exciting. The recording of Liszt’s Christus made with this sound technology offers the listener an opportunity to forget the living room he or she may be sitting in and be transported into a spacious cathedral. The Surround-technology recordings amount to a revolution in the classical-music market.



Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik

In January 2009 the Czech Philharmonic Choir of Brno has been conferred another prestigious award, namely, the Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik, or the German Music Reviewers’ Award, for its recording of the Requiem for a Young Poet by Bernd Alois Zimmermann. Without doubt this is one of the most significant CDs of the past years. The recording of this modern composition, which was written in 1967-1969 and remains in many respects quite unique, has required participation of an unusual number of distinguished musicians, and the Czech Philharmonic Choir of Brno clearly contributed to its great success.




A new live recording of Antonín Dvořák’s Requeim (UP 0130), produced by the ArcoDiva in November 2010 in Brno to celebrate the anniversary of the Czech Philharmonic Choir of Brno (Choir Master Petr Fiala, who is also Conductor of this recording), with the soloists Simona Houda Šaturová, Jana Sýkorová, Tomáš Černý, and Peter Mikuláš, in addition to the Brno Philharmonic, has been awarded a prestigious decoration at the Japanese music market. The eminent Japanese music journal Geijutsu Disc Review distinguished this particular recording with its TOKUSEN mark of honor, a counterpart to the Editor´s Choice of the Gramophone or the Diapason d´Or. The reviews have commended the recording as highly successful in all respects and praised the quality of all the performers, as well as the technical execution. The credit for this side of the recording is due to Václav Roubal and Karel Soukeník, sound masters, and Jiří Štilec, recording engineer.




The winners of the 2019 Classic Prague Awards were announced in the Prague Municipal House on Saturday, January 18, 2020. The 2019 Classic Prague Award for the Best Vocal Performance went to the Czech Philharmonic Choir of Brno for its excellent rendition of Leoš Janáček’s Glagolitic Mass, performed in September 2019 with the Czech Philharmonic under the baton of Maestro Petr Altrichter.